Akira Volume 1

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Paperback comics in English language

written and illustrated by Katsuhiro Ohtomo
Genre: sci-fi Cyberpunk Drama
Volumes: 6

Set in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo, a biker gang leader Kaneda sees that his friend/a member of the team Tetsuo gets psychic ability, becomes the leader of the hostile biker gang team, and begins attacking on other gang teams. Kaneda tries to beat Tetsuo but Tetsuo’s ability causes waking AKIRA, whose psychic ability actually caused the destruction of Tokyo.

Katsuhiro Ohtomo’s previous manga 「童夢」”Domu” (A Child’s Dream) was also about psychic ability. “AKIRA” has bigger scale of the story.



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Blu-Ray with English subtitle

AKIRA(dアニメストア) prime video